October 05, 2017

Annie Duke: A Lesson on Happiness – and Learning – from Olympic Legend Eric Heiden

I recently visited the Lake Placid Olympic Museum and saw a quote from Eric Heiden, arguably the greatest athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics: My goal was always to cross that finish line with nothing left, and if I did that, I really didn’t care what anybody else had done. I had been […]

September 28, 2017

Annie Duke: Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico: Will We Realize “They” are “Us”?

The situation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria has been dire. The lack of electricity has made it difficult to broadcast all the details, but what we already know is undeniably, horribly bad. BuzzFeedNews correspondent Vera Bergengruen (@verambergen) tweeted on September 26, from a Pentagon source, “Approximately 44% of the population of Puerto Rico is […]

May 03, 2017


I recently read an interesting opinion piece from Tom Nichols about Americans seem to be unable to talk to each other about politics or current events. The title of the MarketWatch.com article, sums up the starting point of his analysis: “Americans are now utterly intolerant of ever being told they’re wrong about almost anything“. Nichols […]

April 28, 2017

Base Instinct: Do Trump’s Poll Numbers Support the Conclusion that his base is holding?

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll on President Trump’s performance contained one startling takeaway. Most of the numbers were in line with sentiment about Trump before and since he’s become President. His job approval rating is 42%. His ratings on judgment, honesty-trustworthiness, and personality-temperament remain low, in the 38-41% range. (Democrats and Republicans both looked […]

April 26, 2017

Charles Murray at Middlebury College: Don’t Shoot the Messenger – or the Message!

In a well-publicized incident in March, a campus protest erupted into violence at Middlebury College in Vermont. Although author and political scientist Charles Murray had been invited to speak at a faculty-moderated student forum, other students, faculty, and alumni unsuccessfully tried to disinvite him. When he appeared, protestors shouted him down and kept him from speaking. He […]

December 29, 2016

Trump’s Cabinet Choices: Aggressive is Hard to Play Against

President-elect Donald Trump has now announced almost all of his choices for Cabinet positions. By any definition, many of his choices are much more aggressive than those of his predecessors. There are few “safe” or “compromise” picks among the appointees. Many, if not most, of Trump’s cabinet  choices would be expected to draw fire and […]

November 04, 2016

Trump Might Be Smarter Than You Think

Philip Bump of the Washington Post wrote a piece published Saturday morning asking “Why was Donald Trump campaigning in Johnstown, Pennsylvania?” It’s an interesting question, given the obvious things pointed out in the article: Trump trails in Pennsylvania by 6 points”, and there are “currently 10 states where the contest is closer than Pennsylvania.” Swinging […]

November 01, 2016

Nate Silver on Prediction

With the election two weeks away, it’s difficult to focus on anything else. In addition to daily election news, there are dozens of fresh polls – national polls, state polls, Senate-race polls. It’s a flood of information and a puzzle to figure out what it all means. Nate Silver, of fivethirtyeight.com, is a master of […]

October 19, 2016

Hank Azaria and Annie Duke Host Sold Out Poker Ball

Philadelphia – On October 8, 2016, educational nonprofit How I Decide held its inaugural Poker Ball at The Union League in Center City. The one-of-a-kind event, which raised over $225,000.00 to support How I Decide’s programming, was hosted by actor Hank Azaria and Annie Duke, a World Series of Poker Champion and How I Decide […]

October 01, 2016

When Our Plans Don’t Work Out in the Grocery Line

Earlier this month, the New York Times featured an interesting article titled “How to Pick the Fastest Lane in the Supermarket.” You will be amazed at the depth and sophistication of research on grocery lines. For example, MIT professor Richard Larson (“who is considered the foremost expert on queues”) calculated that we spend 37 billion […]