From the poker table, to the boardroom table, to the kitchen table, strategic decision making impacts every aspect of our lives. Drawing on her academic studies in cognitive psychology and her real-world application of decision science at the poker table, Annie Duke offers a series of educational and inspirational presentations.

Bluff is a sexy concept
but widely overused.
If you use it too often,
it's going to get
you in trouble.

For The boardroom
decision making is never just about the suit
For the home
how to win with a full house
For sales
sometimes tipping your hand can be a smart strategy
For charities
a great hand always has a heart



“I have had the opportunity to hear Annie Duke speak about decision-making both in professional gatherings and in the course at Stanford I supervise named Lessons in Decision Making. Her deep academic understanding and professional experience make her presentations both intellectually deep

and widely accessible.


Annie Duke clearly demonstrates the importance of the distinction between the quality of a decision and the quality

of its outcome by explaining her strategy of making good decisions and not being discomfited by bad outcomes.

Poker opponents who think that a bad outcome will cause

her to change her strategy will be disappointed. She has the

rare ability to combine style and substance in engaging

an audience.”

Ron Howard
Department of Management Science and Engineering
Stanford University


July 21, 2014